GPS Token Airdrop - Snapshot 14 July 2019

GPS Token Airdrop
14 July 2019

Triffic Explained In 75 Seconds

Triffic Reaches Funding Goal, Closes ICO Early, Announces Airdrop to Ignis Holders

Singapore, June 4, 2019 - Coinerz Group, the company behind Triffic, a mobile app that streamlines the way that businesses drive footfall to their physical locations has achieved its funding goal and will be closing its ICO two weeks early.

The free app, which uses a combination of gamification, GPS, augmented reality and blockchain technology to drive customer loyalty is now set for a worldwide rollout in the final quarter of 2019.

"Whilst traditional forms of advertising like Google and Facebook ads tend to focus on driving clicks to websites, our augmented reality technology is designed to reward customers for visiting real locations." said James Malach, CEO of the Coinerz Group. "And unlike Google and Facebook, our solution is incredibly easy to use, and much more cost-effective."

Bucking the ERC20 trend, Triffic has been developed using Ignis, a child chain of Ardor.

"We don't need to reinvent the wheel when the baked-in features of Ignis already provide most of what we need," continues James. "People that download our app will receive one GPS Token for every five Ignis they hold."

The snapshot date will be July 14th - the third anniversary of the original Ardor airdrop - and Jelurida is organizing all technical details around it.

Questions And Answers

GPS Tokens are the in-app reward system for the soon-to-be-released Triffic App. People can earn GPS Tokens by walking, driving and cycling about and our unique 'Proof-of-Effort' algorithm rewards users based on the amount of effort they put in. Simply put, someone who walks for one kilometer will earn more than somebody who drives the same distance. Users can also find hidden caches of GPS Tokens that appear in 3D augmented reality.
Triffic is an augmented reality lifestyle app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for traveling about, treasure hunting, and supporting local businesses. 'Triffic Beacons' drive real, physical footfall and repeat business to local establishments by rewarding customers for their loyalty.
Ignis is a fully featured child chain of the Ardor ecosystem and is one of the most fully featured blockchain systems on the market. GPS Tokens have been generated as Ignis Assets and these are used in the Triffic App to reward people.
Once we release the Triffic App, you will be able to download it, register the wallet address that you registered with us and you will receive your GPS Tokens.
You simply need to hold Ignis in your Ardor wallet at the time of the snapshot and you will be assigned 1 GPS tokens for every 5 IGNIS. Then once we release the Triffic App, you will be able to download it, register your wallet address and you will receive your GPS Tokens at the same time as everybody else.
NO! You will need to hold them in a separate wallet that is not part of an exchange. The reason for this is because many exchanges use a single wallet that is differentiated by a message ID. We need to send GPS Tokens to separate Ardor wallet addresses.
You can download the Ardor Wallet directly from the official site by clicking here. Wallets are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
As long as you have your own unique Ardor wallet address that begins with ARDOR-, then you can use any Ardor Wallet.

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